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Major construction on Highway 50 in downtown Bolton starts May 29

Expect lane closures and delays in the area throughout project


Bolton Construction

With every summer season comes big construction projects, and this year, the Region of Peel will be making improvements to Highway 50 throughout the downtown core in Bolton starting on Monday (May 29).

The construction, which will occur primarily in two sections — one just north of the business area and one just south of King Street — will continue until the end of the summer and will result in the arterial route being reduced down to one lane in both directions, although not during peak commuter hours.

Within the downtown core, crews will remove the Mill Street traffic lights and replace them with two sets — a pedestrian crossing just steps south of Sterne Street and a full three-way traffic light at Hickman Drive by the north end of Humber River Bridge.

Improvements to the Humber River Bridge and the area just north of the downtown core include repairs to the concrete under the bridge, removing the sidewalk on the west side of the bridge, widening the sidewalk on the east side and installing traffic lights at Hickman Drive.

On the south side of King Street, crews will be undertaking culvert repairs, rehab and repair of the retaining walls that stretch up to Elizabeth Street on the east side of Highway 50 and Willow Street on the west side, sidewalk widening and improvements to the street lighting.

The region states that the logic behind summer projects is to take advantage of the longer days in terms of sunlight, less traffic during vacation months and warmer temperatures, which generally allow for better final results with asphalt and concrete.

`article from the Caledon Enterprise

Queen St. Improvements








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Region of Peel Road Improvements

Construction in Peel: Caledon

These are the watermain, sanitary sewer and Regional road projects in Caledon.


If you have any questions about particular construction projects, please call the Project Manager shown on the project page or Public Works at 905-791-7800 ext. 4409. If you prefer, email us.


Visit Town of Caledon for construction of non-Regional roads in Caledon.

Heavy Truck Restrictions in Bolton


Highway 50 and King Street Truck Restriction

Heavy trucks have been restricted in Bolton on portions of Highway 50/Queen Street (Regional Road 50) and King Street (Regional Road 9).

Truck Advisory signs
Extent of Heavy Truck Restriction.

Extent of Heavy Truck Restriction:

  • Highway 50/Queen Street (Regional Road 50)
    – From Emil Kolb Parkway to Healey Road
  • King Street (Regional Road 9)
    – From Coleraine Drive to Albion Vaughan Road

The heavy truck restrictions are effective as of November 30, 2015.

Heavy trucks are encouraged to use the below routes to bypass the downtown Bolton core.

Downtown Bypass routes:

  • Northbound – Mayfield Road to Coleraine Drive to Emil Kolb Parkway
  • Southbound – Emil Kolb Parkway to Coleraine Drive to Mayfield Road
  • Eastbound – Coleraine Drive to Mayfield Road to Albion Vaughan Road
  • Westbound – Albion Vaughan Road to Mayfield Drive to Coleraine Drive

Coleraine Drive south of Mayfield Road is still restricted to trucks.

For more information on heavy truck restrictions please click here


Truck No Turning signAt the King Street and Queen Street intersection in downtown Bolton, turning trucks often went over boulevards and sidewalks, due to a shortage of space, creating safety concerns for pedestrians. As a result of this a restriction prohibiting trucks from turning at the intersection was implemented.


The turn restrictions will remain in place to prevent local delivery vehicles (local deliveries and collections trucks are not permitted to turn at the intersection but are exempt from heavy truck restrictions if the location cannot be reached by any other road and provided that the route taken is the shortest possible to and from the location on the truck restricted route) from turning at King Street and Queen Street.

For more information:


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