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BIA Meetings and Agendas

BIA meetings are open to the public and held regularly on a Wednesday afternoon. During pandemic restrictions, meetings will be held virtually via CiscoWebex and a notice will be posted on this website. 

If you wish to attend a meeting please email us at and we will arrange to include you.  If you wish to speak at the meeting, you must register as a presentation or delegation.

Prior years’ minutes and agendas can be obtained from the Town of Caledon.

Minutes & Agendas

January 2021 Minutes
February 2021 Minutes (No Meeting)
March 2021 Minutes (No Meeting)
April 2021 Minutes (No Meeting)
May 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)
June 2020 Minutes
July 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)
August 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)
September 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)
October 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)
November 2020 (AGM) Minutes
December 2020 Minutes (No Meeting)

January 2021 Agenda
February 2021 (No Meeting)
March 2021 (No Meeting)
April 2021 (No Meeting)
May 2021 Agenda
June 2020 Agenda
July 2020 Agenda (No Meeting)
August 2020 Agenda (No Meeting)
September 2020 Agenda (No Meeting)
October 2020 Agenda (No Meeting)
November 2020 (AGM) Agenda
December 2020 Agenda (No Meeting)