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Downtown Bolton Revitalization Plan

Downtown Bolton Gazebo

In March of 2021, the Downtown Bolton Revitalization plan was completed, creating a guideline for future actions and investment to improve the historic downtown area for residents, business owners and visitors.

The Plan is Based On Four Key Themes:

  1. Organization
  2. Design
  3. Economic Vitality
  4. Promotion

Within those four themes there are 10 action steps proposed, some short-term and some long-term, to continuously improve Downtown Bolton over the coming months and years.

10 Action Steps:

  1. Establish a Downtown Bolton Task Force (S) 
  2. Resource the Bolton Downtown Revitalization Plan (S)
  3. Ensure policies are helping Bolton’s downtown core (M)
  4. Design streets and parking to help Bolton’s downtown core (M)
  5. Experiment with placemaking pilot projects (S)
  6. Expedite completion of park, trail, and river improvements (L)
  7. Fill empty storefronts with successful businesses (M)
  8. Attract new businesses to downtown Bolton (L)
  9. Reopen the Fire Station as the ‘FireHub’ (S)
  10. Promote Downtown Bolton as a shopper, visitor, and investment destination (L)

Legend: S = Short Term, M = Medium Term, L = Long Term