Message from the Chair

                                                                         Fall 2018

Message from the Chair


Farmers’ Markets and Special Event Days


As promised the Farmers’ Market moved to a new location at the Royal Courtyards.   This location offered increased visibility and room for expansion.   As well the musicians and other attractions for the four special event days were able to be closer to the market.   I believe that the change has been a great success and has been appreciated by vendors and customers alike.   See elsewhere in the website for photographs.   We hope to continue to build on the potential of the new location and thanks to the owners of Royal Courtyards for allowing it to happen.


Dissolve the BIA?


Yes, there has been a request to the Town to dissolve.   After 30 plus years and some controversy, we thought it was time to turn this back to the members at large to see whether the majority of downtown business owners support continuing the BIA.   That is all that the request in fact does.   It triggers a process whereby the Town sends out notices and canvasses the owners and tenants for their view.   The deadline for response was August 27th so we now await the decision.   Nonetheless the Board has continued in full force to work on all our projects and initiatives for the benefit of our members.


Election Year


This is municipal election year, so as well as voting for your local Caledon councilors there is also an election for BIA Board members.   If the BIA continues, as will be decided shortly by the majority of members,  I urge business owners to become involved.   If not ready to be a Board member, at least understand the issues and turn out at the meeting to vote.


Thank you, and I wish all our members a successful and profitable Fall.


Jean Carberry


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