Welcome to Fall in Bolton! A great destination to enjoy glorious Fall colours which will be in full display in the next few weeks. These days in the shadow of the pandemic we look for places to visit close to home and Bolton is in easy reach from Toronto.

Thank you to the Town of Caledon for the new banners in our downtown. See the pictures on this website. These promote the theme “Shop Local”, part of the Town’s initiative to boost local businesses.

Thank you also to the Provincial Government for bringing us the Digital Main Street program set up to assist small businesses to make effective use of websites and social media. The BIA program which provided free expert help ended on August 31st , however individual grants of $2,500 are still available while the money lasts.

As the Province allows businesses to reopen we look forward to seeing our downtown come back to life.

Please support local shops, restaurants and services whenever you can, as they recover from forced closings. Also look forward to welcoming a brand new restaurant on Queen Street North in time for Christmas.

Congratulations and very best wishes to all the children this September as they go back to school amid strange and new conditions.

Lastly, if the BIA can help in promoting your downtown business or event, or for any questions about downtown Bolton please contact Trudy at

From all of us on the Board, stay safe and healthy.

Jean Carberry, Chair Downtown Bolton BIA

Message from the Chair – July 2020

As promised, the flowers are in place in the downtown and look as gorgeous as ever. New summer
banners are seen all along King Street and we are working with the Town to finish compatible banners
for Queen Street.

The Digital Main Street program, assisting small business has been extended to August 31 st but will not
be extended beyond that date. Loucas is hard at work signing up new clients and helping small
businesses make the most of the digital tools available. There is still time to sign up by contacting
Loucas at

Another exciting project ShopHERE powered by Google has been introduced. The goals are similar to
Digital Main Street in terms of assisting small independent business build a digital presence, but the help
is provided only online. For more information please see the notice on this website.

In June we had our first virtual Board meeting which went off very well. Big thanks to Jordyn Lavecchia
of the Town of Caledon and to Loucas Loucaides for handling all the technical details. Depending on
the pandemic we will have another virtual meeting if needed, but not necessarily monthly. Meantime,
for any questions or concerns contact Trudy at

From all of us on the Board, stay safe and healthy

Jean Carberry, Chair Downtown Bolton BIA

July 2020

Message from the Chair – May 2020

As we continue to navigate through the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic, I hope that all our members are well.   Small businesses, who make up the majority of our members are particularly hard hit by the social isolation measures that are unfortunately so necessary. Please know that we, the BIA Board are doing what we can to help.

We have reduced the 2020 budget by $18,000 which will reduce the levies charged on your Town taxes.  We did this by cutting down on planned activities and relying on our small surplus. This should be a one-time emergency measure for exceptional times. Be assured, however, that we will still have the gorgeous summer flowers (ready soon) and seasonal banners to keep the downtown looking its best.     

The Digital Main Street program, assisting small businesses has been extended to May 31st and may be extended further. Making the most of the digital tools available is more important to business than ever with social isolation.     We are grateful to the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association for negotiating with the Province on our behalf to get this extension.   If you want to get in on the program, or  would like more help or an upgrade, contact  Loucas at 

For now, the Board cannot meet in person. If a meeting is required, it will be online and notice will be posted on the website, as usual.  Meantime, for any questions or concerns contact Trudy at 

From all of us on the Board, stay safe and healthy

Jean Carberry, Chair Bolton BIA

May 2020

Welcome to a New Decade

Welcome to a new decade, celebrating 2020 with the BIA. In 2020 we will celebrate a leap year along with our new and easy-to-navigate website look.

We are committed to Beautifying, Revitalizing and Improving the Bolton Downtown core. We have 2020 vision!