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Have Your Say on Caledon’s Strategic Plan!

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The Town of Caledon is developing its strategic plan, a collaborative strategy that will shape Caledon’s future over the next 12 years. Caledon’s strategic plan will build on current success and guide Town activity to create a future-ready Caledon.

The plan will act on specific, measurable outcomes throughout its duration and create a foundation for prioritizing work in future business plans and budgets.

The Town’s strategic plan will be developed through a comprehensive consultation process. The Town has been gathering public input that informs the strategic plan since 2022, including the 2023 Budget Survey, Official Plan engagement and discussions with community stakeholders.

How can you get involved?

Visit Caledon’s Strategic Plan webpage to have your say. FAQs are also available.

Staff are continuing to connect with local community groups, businesses and schools regarding the strategy throughout March 2023. A draft plan will be shared with council and the public in advance of the final plan going for endorsement early summer 2023.

Council, Town staff and the community will all have a role in bringing this plan to life. Together, we can build a vision for Caledon that celebrates what we love while embracing our growth.

Is Your Business Pet Friendly?

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Downtown Bolton businesses, is your business pet friendly? 🐶 🐱

Apply by clicking the button below and your business will receive a storefront window decal and social media graphic highlighting your pet-friendly status!

How to Start an eCommerce Business & More from Digital Main St


How to Start an E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses are more popular than ever. Customers prefer the convenience and selection provided by online shopping, and the pandemic has pushed even more people to shop online.

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Tap into 2023 trends on Instagram to help drive results

Instagram has revealed its 2023 Trend Report, your Gen Z guide to cultural trends across the platform. From the financial renaissance to historic movements in politics, the survey features topics, issues and creators at the forefront of culture.

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The 20+ Best TikTok Trends for eCommerce Stores

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Tis the Season! Small Business Tips from Digital Main St

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End-of-Year Checklist for Small Businesses

The end of the year is a busy time for a host of reasons. Prepping for the holidays, making time for family, and planning for the new year keeps most of us busy through January 1 and beyond. As a small business owner, you have an even longer list of things to think about at the end of the year. This list includes things like financial statements, taxes, and employee incentives.

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Retail Trends and Predictions 2023: What to Expect in the Year Ahead

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